Tesshinkan Rules

There are Ten of Them

Each one matters.


Ryu Kyu Kobudo Tesshinkan

The following Rules were established by the Tesshinkan Founder, Hanshi, Hidemi Tamayose, 10th Dan.

They are to be respected world wide by all members of the Tesshinkan.

1. Always respect others and maintain proper etiquette.  

2. Always be honest.

3. Respect the individualities of others.

4. Do not criticize others, put more effort into training.

5. Respect your elders and seniors.

6. Do not make excuses.

7. The dojo is a place to train the mind and the body; it must be kept orderly and clean.

8. Take responsibility and pride in your achievements.

9. Endeavour to develop the mind, technique, and body through training. Particularly, cultivate your mind to become a valuable person for society.

10. Tesshinkan is family. Work together to develop growth. 

Remember: "Rules are the center line of the road we choose to follow".

“The objective of kobudo is to contribute to the evolution of

the human spirit through physical and mental training.”

Peter Lindsay