My Question To You Is .... ?

"What Kind of Martial Artist Are You?"

History tells us, that as far as Shotokan Karate is concerned, starting and ending a kata on the same spot, only came into existance in the modern era. It was meant to be one more way of determing the kata winner, as tournament karate came into being.

So here is my question to you:

Are you a modern martial artist who always tries to start, and finish, every kata on the same spot? 

Or, are you a classical martial artist, who always tries to start, and finish every kata on the same spot, however it is not always the same spot that you started on?

In reality, being a modern martial artist, or a classical martial artist, will only matter to you, your sensei, and your fellow students.

What I find it interesting, is how many students never realized that there were two options.

Remember: "What others do is also right, even if it is not your way?"