The Shotokan-Karate Dictionary

More than mere words.

Many years ago, while attending the FSKA World Championship tournament in Las Vegas, I had the good fortune to came across an excellent book at one of the many booths there. The book was entitled "The Shotokan-Karate Dictionary" and it was written by a German karate-ka by the name of Schlatt, a JKA 4th Dan, who was a student of Fujinaga Yasuyuki Sensei, 5th Dan, Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association of Austria.

Now having been a student of karate for more than four decades I am fairly very familiar with a wide range of Japanese terminology, especially as it pertains to karate. This book however, has greatly broadened my horizons and I recommend it highly to Shotokan karate-ka of all ranks. The book is well laid out, easy to read, but best of all it contains the proper wording in Japanese, English, and kanji for all of the described basic techniques, combinations, and kata, as well as featuring an accompanying photograph depicting exactly what is being described.

From cover to cover this book delivers on it's promises of being a dictionary of Shotokan Karate terminology. Nicely bound and printed on good quality glossy paper this book will no doubt stand the test of time in more ways than one. Since my purchase this book has been updated several times, and volume four is now available in colour. No matter what addition you end up purchasing this book makes an excellent addition to any karate-ka's book shelf. 

Remember: “Quality is easily promised, but it is often seldom delivered”.