We all have a reason.

Why did you walk in the door?

Students enter a karate dojo for the first time for a wide variety of reasons.

Just look around at the students you train with.

So, what motivated you to walk through a dojo’s door?

More importantly, why have you stayed?

Me, I walk into a dojo simply because karate sounded interesting.

Why have I have stayed?

Because like a great many students I am not a naturally gifted athlete. Karate was, and in many ways still is, hard for me. Even after more than 43 years. So I stay. Ever determined to be better tomorrow than I was today.

No matter your reason for joining a dojo in the first place, the upside is that you are in the door.

So stay as long as you can.

Learn all you can, and when the time is right, share what you know with those following in your footsteps.

And in doing so, my hope for you is that you too will be better tomorrow than you were today.

Remember: "Knowledge is worthless unless it is passed on."