For some unknown reason

They did not happen on purpose.

Recently a few thoughts jumped into my head. Where they came from I do not know. One of the things that I have discovered over the years is that "why" something occurs does not always have to have a reason, or an understanding attached to it. As such I have long since given up trying to find a rational reason for "why" some things occur in my life.  They just do. 

Since these thoughts decided to become words, I decided to write them down.

The Minds Eye.

The wind moved unseen,

The leaves moved in reply,

My eyes saw one of them,

My mind saw both.


Crossing Paths.

I walk through my life,

The ant walks through his,

We both pass on the path,

I wonder which one of us will go further?



I admired the flower,

Its face turned to the sun,

The wind blew,

Its petals fell,

Yet my admiration remained.


The Butterfly.

A butterfly landed beside me,

How sad I thought that it does not know karate,

Then it took flight,

Moments later it landed again,

What a wonderful kata.  

Remember: "Some things are not meant to be understood in your lifetime".