Five hundred of them.

These came from many places.

This is a collection of 500 sayings, or thoughts, that are in no particular order of importance.

Some are my own while others I can not, and do not take credit for.

They simply came my way.

1.Timing is everything.

2. Start as you mean to continue.

3.The end of everything is important.

4. Seven times down, eight times up.

5. Your dedication to the art of karate is visible in the quality of your techniques.

6. The objective of karate is to contribute to the evolution of the human spirit through physical and mental training.

7. Always train as if today is your last day in the dojo, one day it will be.

8. The ten most powerful two letter words in the English language are: if it is to be it is up to me.

9. The most precious thing you can give to anyone is your time.

10. Teach less so the student can learn more.

11. Life is a kata that you can not start over.

12. To bow well physically, you must first learn to bow well in your mind.

13. If you give less than your best, you are only cheating yourself.

14. Quality is better than quantity.

15. You must be before you can do.

16. Kata is the soul of karate.

17. Bunkai is the soul of kata.

18. A kata in its self is great teacher.

19. Onegishimasu.

20. Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

21. You can not learn what you do not practice.

22. You can not teach what you do not learn.

23. Spirit is often the deciding factor.

24. Do everything with sincerity.

25. Mental efficiency depends on spiritual harmony.

26. It is not what you teach, but how you teach it, that is important.

27. Check your ego at the door.

28. If you do not trust your children it is your own fault.

29. In order to learn you must first be a willing participant.

30. Always be on time.

31. Look to the needs of others.

32. One person can make a difference.

33. The greatest rewards are often the hardest to see.

34. Without a student there is no need of a sensei.

35. Never assume.

36. Proper repetition teaches confidence.

37. All growth is from within.

38. All power is from within.

39. Striving and struggle, precede success, even in the dictionary.

40. Your karate must be done from the inside out, not the outside in.

41. Your karate must be done from the ground up, not the top down.

42. Your reality today is the result of the planning, and the effort, you put.

43. Your reality tomorrow will be the result of what you plan, and do, today.

44. To know what something is worth, you must first pay the price.

45. You are not finished when you are defeated, you are finished when you quit.

46. When you breath out that is your doing, when you breath in that is God's doing.

47. Dreams never die, just the dreamer.

48. A thought remains a thought, until it is given form through action.

49. Action often takes form without thought.

50. Nothing of value is ever created in a hurry.

51. Perfection depends entirely on unconscious thought.

52. Knowing what is right is not difficult, doing what is right often is.

53. Women are stronger than men.

54. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

55. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

56. Knowledge comes to those who seek it.

57. Everyone fears something.

58. Truth comes to those who understand what they have found.

59. You can not learn everything, so be selective.

60. True reward is never anticipated.

61. Do the most natural thing in the most natural way.

62. Everything you accomplish depends on your own efforts.

63. Seek an appropriate teacher and train hard.

64. Always learn from someone who is still learning.

65. No one knows it all.

66. If you met someone who thinks they knows it all, walk away.

67. A wish is simply a desire without any effort behind it.

68. A dream is awash with a goal, a plan, and a timetable.

69. Face your fears.

70. Nothing that happens to you in your lifetime is an accident.

71. No action is singular.

72. No reaction is singular.

73. Health is a state of mind that is visible in your appearance, and in your actions.

74. Never settle for someone else's idea of what is best for you.

75. The greatest power that you possess, is the power to choose.

76. Think carefully.

77. Choose wisely.

78. You alone are responsible for all your actions.

79. You can not be wise before your time.

80. Wanting something is often more enjoyable than having it.

81. Look at the impossible and then change what you believe.

82. Never take hope away from anyone, it may be all they have left.

83. Know your limits, and develop your capabilities.

84. You have no control over your destiny, it sometimes just seems that way.

85. Mental development does not require physical development.

86. Physical development requires the highest mental development.

87. To be a good teacher you must first be a good student.

88. When opportunity knocks answer the door.

89. The link between all things is proper breathing.

90. All balance must come from the centre.

91. Poor posture equates to poor everything else.

92. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

93. The road to perfection can not be travelled in one life time.

94. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

95. The best way a student can repay their teacher is to surpass them.

96. To train karate successfully in the dojo, you must first have a dojo mind.

97. In order to see, you must first know what you are looking for.

98. Seeing and understanding are not the same thing.

99. Not winning is not the same as loosing.

100. Give and forget.

101. Receive and remember.

102. Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.

103. Know what is best for you.

104. Never give up when you still have something to give.

105. Walk like you know where you are going.

106. Every human being has the capacity to heal.

107. You need water to develop energy.

108. Positive energy has no limits.

109. A prayer knows no boundaries.

110. Eternity is unaffected by time.

111. Inspire others whenever you can.

112. No matter where you are, you are never alone.

113. In the mind all is possible, there are no barriers.

114. Instead of finding an excuse to quit, find a reason to continue.

115. If you train your body your spirit will also be trained.

116. Your kime is only effective when nothing else matters.

117. Always be relaxed in your body and your mind, rigidity is the mark of death.

118. You can never walk more than one path at a time.

119. The only constant in life is change.

120. Help when help is needed.

121. A clouded mind can never see clearly.

122. There are more than two sides to every story.

123. There is no substitute for a kind word.

124. The truth is often easier to speak, than it is to prove.

125. To be a good teacher you must first understand what the student needs.

126. No one is ever to young or to old to learn.

127. Success is measured differently for everyone.

128. Be honest.

129. Respect others.

130. Do more than is expected.

131. Set goals.

132. Control your emotions.

133. What is the sound of one hand clapping.

134. Never underestimate a child's ability to act like an adult.

135. Wisdom can not be bought.

136. The secret to success lies not in the trying, but in the doing.

137. Do not train when you are tired, you will only practice bad habits.

138. Without a proper stance nothing else is possible.

139. Always say please.

140. Always say thank you.

141. Seek perfection of character.

142. Fill the void.

143. Doing nothing is often worse than failure.

144. If you look for the best in others, you will find the best in yourself.

145. A good leader is a dealer in hope.

146. People may forget what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

147. Pain isn’t always physical.

148. Some questions have no answers.

149. True strength comes from gentleness.

150. Know something about all professions.

151. Be faithful.

152. Do not offend.

153. Everyday it rains on someone's parade.

154. You must see with your mind not just with your eyes.

155. Knowing you are wrong is the first step towards learning.

156. Admitting you are wrong is the first step towards understanding.

157. Without fear anything is possible.

158. Endeavour.

159. Nothing is over until the moment you stop trying.

160. Share.

161. Knowing the moves of the kata is not enough.

162. You can emulate someone else's technique, but never try and copy it.

163. Wanting something, and being entitled to it, are two different things.

164. Disbelief does not make something impossible.

165. Before starting anything you must first empty your cup.

166. To teach others successfully is the highest skill.

167. When teaching anything words are often not enough.

168. Doing is the best way to learn anything.

169. You must know yourself before you can try and understand others.

170. Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

171. Illusion is nothing more than hidden reality.

172. Nothing lasts forever.

173. Give people more than they expect.

174. You can not teach what you do not know.

175. You must correct your own mistakes before you can correct the mistakes made by others.

176. Finish what you start.

177. Start as you mean to continue.

178. Never settle for just doing better than somebody else's worst.

179. Do not believe everything you hear.

180. Do not believe everything you read.

181. Do not believe everything you see.

182. Deceit often comes disguised as honesty.

183. To be successful in life you must first have a teacher.

184. There is no substitute for effort.

185. To succeed in life you must first want to.

186. Helping someone else up the hill also gets you closer to the top.

187. Always tell the truth.

188. Never strike in anger.

189. Respect others.

190. Love someone unconditionally until the day you die.

191. Plan your life and work daily on your plan.

192. Successful people are persistent.

193. Thought is parent to the deed.

194. Have patience and engage in consistent action.

195. It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one appear, than to have an opportunity appear and not be prepared.

196. Temporary failure is a price you must pay on the road to ultimate success.

197. Say only what needs to be said.

198. Temptation resisted is a true sign of character.

199. The dojo is nota university, to obtain the true benefits of karate you must train until you die.

200. Karate is 90% mental and 10% physical.

201. Mo ichi do.

202. Gambate.

203. Karate-do is not just for the dojo, it must become your way of life.

204. No action once taken can ever be undone.

205. Never mess up an apology with an excuse.

206. When you lose don’t lose the lesson.

207. Time is a great teacher.

208. To practice a technique you must first know what it is for.

209. To perfect a technique you must first forget what it is for.

210. Listening is an art best practiced in silence.

211. Success is minimizing the gap between your performance and your potential.

212. In life the reward earned, is equal to the effort spent.

213. Do you see the colour of the wind.

214. Victory lies inaction without thought.

215. You can not hit what you can not see.

216. The first technique must be the last.

217. Good results are the result of proper thought.

218. Nothing in life is as it seems.

219. Keep your promises.

220. Believe in yourself.

221. Go some place you have never been before.

222. Success is astute of mind.

223. Be good to your friends.

224. Honour your parents.

225. Crying is not a sign of weakness.

226. Admit your mistakes.

227. Always apologize, it is the right thing to do.

228. Balance in anything can only be achieved when the scales are even.

229. What the mind fears the spirit can overcome.

230. Never stop learning, learn from everyone, and from everything.

231. No trial, no error, no knowledge.

232. To be a success you must first take a risk.

233. Never risk more than you are willing to lose.

234. Give your children everything they need to succeed, for they are the future.

235. If it doesn’t work, stop doing it.

236. Your subconscious never sleeps.

237. Listen to your instincts.

238. Share your knowledge, it is a way to achieve immortality.

239. Refrain from violent behaviour.

240. The faster you go, the more mistakes you will make.

241. Health span is more important than life span.

242. It is not what you eat that makes you healthy, it is what you digest.

243. It is not what you earn that makes you wealthy, it is what you save.

244. It is not what you learn that makes you wise, it is what you remember.

245. It is not what you know that makes you smart, it is what you teach.

246. It is not how often you train that makes you better, it is how well you train.

247. Visualization must be the first phase of any action.

248. Turning on alight does not always mean you will see more.

249. Your hips are the steering wheel of your body.

250. Power is generated in the legs.

251. The first stage of learning requires conscious thought and willpower.

252. The second stage of learning is concentrated effort and technique, without conscious thought.

253. Love is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

254. Children learn without prejudices, until they are taught otherwise.

255. Try to see everything with the eyes of a child.

256. Do everything to the best of your ability.

257. Never forget what it was like to be a beginner.

258. Your ability changes with time so learn to adjust.

259. Accept the fact that you are growing old, but never stop doing what interests you.

260. Everyday that you do not practice karate, decreases your mental and physical inventory.

261. Believing and trusting are not the same thing.

262. It only takes one eye to see.

263. Don't carry a grudge, it is far to heavy a burden.

264. There is only one degree of difference between mediocrity and greatness.

265. If a strong technique fights a strong body, technique wins.

266. If a strong technique fights a strong mind, the mind wins.

267. If technique, body, and mind are equal, spirit will determine the outcome.

268. The energy of your past thoughts has fashioned your reality.

269. To change your reality, change what, and how you think.

270. Do you see what you see.

271. Be a reader.

272. Do not suppress your emotions, or they will make you ill.

273. Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid, and to act anyway.

274. When the student needs a teacher one will appear.

275. The hardest thing to do is to forgive.

276. Never act and then think.

277. Think before you speak.

278. Silence is sometimes the best answer.

279. Learn from the mistakes of others, because you will never livelong enough to make them all yourself.

280. Worship the teachings, not the teacher.

281. Where ever you are there is a place to train karate.

282. Criticizing others only defeats you.

283. You will never have more than you think you are worth.

284. It is not a sin to want more.

285. Happiness is wanting what you have.

286. You must be responsible for everything you do, never blame others.

287. All great leaders were great readers.

288. Even if you don’t understand it, every living thing on earth has a function.

289. Extinction is permanent.

290. Does a dog have Buddha nature.

291. First thing in the morning start the day with a positive thought, it will affect your energy all day long.

292. Negative thoughts are out of step with nature, avoid them.

293. We give priority to the outside world, but the real world is inside of you.

294. You have a sound inside you just like a bell.

295. No matter how a bell is hit a sound is made.

296. It is not what hits the bell that makes the sound, the bell makes the sound.

297. How things hit you every day get a reaction, or a sound from you, learn to control the sound.

298. What was your face before your mother was born.

299. It is far easier to stay down than it is to get up.

300. Somewhere the sun is always shining.

301. Successful people have fallen down often, they just never stayed there.

302. The closest distance between two people is a smile.

303. Nothing on the outside changes, if life looks different to you for any reason, it is because you have changed.

304. The energy you radiate outward, be it positive or negative, is what you will get back from the universe.

305. Children are the soul of the world.

306. Babies have no filters they see the world as it is.

307. If you are very ill laugh as often as you can.

308. Do a kindness for a stranger everyday.

309. It is hard fora poor man to be generous.

310. It is hard fora proud man to be humble.

311. It is hard to accept the truth.

312. It is hard motto be disturbed by external circumstances.

313. It is hard not to argue about what is right or wrong.

314. It is hard to be human.

315. What you believe you see.

316. If your vision is clouded change your beliefs.

317. If you lose your wealth, nothing is lost.

318. If you lose your health, something is lost.

319. If you lose your honour, everything is lost.

320. To be sick ingot natural, your health is a direct result of your lifestyle.

321. Life is difficult and discipline is the tool you use to make life easier.

322. To master one’s self requires great strength.

323. Anger is only one letter away from danger.

324. In kata it is the body that must remind the mind, not the other way around.

325. Enjoy the silence between your thoughts.

326. Meditate everyday.

327. Write down your thoughts so others can follow your path.

328. It should be hard to choose sides on a round planet.

329. The mind is the greatest power, while you are meditating nothing can touch you.

330. If someone betrays you once it is their fault, if they betray you twice it is your fault.

331. Never look to the ground for your next step, greatness follows those that look to the horizon.

332. If you can eliminate your fear of things you will have no stress in your life.

333. What a mirror receives it gives back.

334. There is an inter-relationship between all things in life, so if you kill anything you kill a part of yourself.

335. Try to see the world with a spiritual eye, you will see more clearly.

336. There is no such thing as empty.

337. Respect all religions.

338. Try to fill your voids with love and compassion.

339. Do everything to it's fullest because there is no tomorrow, tomorrow never comes, there is only now.

340. Everything in life is negotiable, the question is how much are you willing to pay to have what you want.

341. Smile, it is a universal language.

342. Every cell in your body has a memory.

343. You must feel positive in order to grow in a positive manner.

344. Live without regret.

345. The value of anything must always be greater than the price you paid.

346. You can not control everything outside of you, that is life.

347. You can control everything inside you, that is yourself.

348. Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

349. Mistakes can often be the best teacher.

350. Clarity comes from having more than a one-dimensional outlook.

351. Losers live for yesterday, dreamers live for tomorrow, winners live for every "now".

352. We do not all share the same reality.

353. We interpret the world we live in based on our own personal experiences to date.

354. We can walk together, but we can not walk in each others footsteps.

355. You are bound by your habits.

356. You are a product of your environment.

357. You are the product of the strength of your beliefs.

358. You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

359. A flame burns brightest at the end, just before its life goes out.

360. There is no evidence of time.

361. Time is a creation of man for the purpose of controlling others.

362.  All the money in the world will not buy you one more day, one more minute, or one more second when death comes.

363.  Work to live, do not live to work.

364. Ichi Go - one life only.

365. Ichi Eh - live each "second" each "now".

366. Be the best youkan be at what ever you do.

367. Change is constant, illusion is believing that nothing changes.

368. Happiness is an internal responsibility, it is up to you

369. Life is a learning experience.

370. Second chances are rare.

371. Never underestimate yourself, leave that mistake to others.

372. Put down unnecessary burdens.

373. Never mistake inaction for indecision.

374. Be kind.

375. What goes around come around.

376. Everything starts with a subconscious thought.

377. Reality is the conscious mind in action.

378. Every problem has a solution.

379. You have the power to create your own reality, the difficulty lies in believing it.

380. Opportunities are never lost, they are simply picked up by someone else.

381. Learn from nature.

382. Try to be the person your dog thinks you are.

383. Do not depend on external things, only depend on yourself.

384. You must get peace of mind from inside yourself, no one can give it to you, and once you have it no one can take it away.

385. The most important fight is the one against yourself.

386.There are no short cuts to success.

387. Learn to control your ego.

388. How smart you think you are, may not be shared by everyone.

389. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so make the most of your today.

390. Every thing sleeps.

391. Everything dies.

392. A closed mind never learns.

393. Even the mountains lay down eventually.

394. Be sure at all times that your mind knows what your body is saying.

395. The difference between good karate and poor karate is the quality of your thoughts.

396. You are unique.

397. Think reacting.

398. Make good use of your time.

399. Ability is what you are capable of.

400. Motivation determines what you do.

401. Attitude determines how well you do it.

402. Wisdom and knowledge only flower when they are shared.

403. Praise before you criticize.

404. Pay attention to small details.

405. Kata is not a race, slow down and you will learn more quickly.

406. Never try to teach more than you know.

407. Reward dedication.

408. You can never go back in time.

409. Spirit is more important than technique.

410. No two dojos are ever the same, so appreciate what you have while you have it.

411. Teaching is a privilege, don't abuse it.

412. Karate begins and ends with courtesy.

413. Karate ni sente nashi. (In karate there is no first strike.)

414. "I will not give a certificate of rank, it must be earned”. (Master Gichin Funakoshi)

415. Learning to hammer in a nail, does not mean you are a carpenter.

416. Knowing the answer, does not necessarily mean you understood the question.

417. Open your mind, it determines what you will learn.

418. Always train the fundamentals hard and you will find your own karate.

419. The nail that sticks up is always hammered down.

420. High repetitions only beneficial if the technique you are repeating is correct.

421. Shotokan is hard to do well.

422. Kime is not just power or spirit, kime means "balance"- complete harmony in everything.

423. Be grateful for your mistakes for they show you your weakness.

424. To succeed at anything you must first be devoted to a positive outcome.

425. The hardest part of karate or life for that matter, is self-correcting.

426. Just because you think you are right, does not make you so.

427. The height of your kick is not as important as the result of your kick.

428. The path least travelled is often the most interesting.

429. Never do anything you know you will regret.

430. Karate is not for everyone, if you are unsuccessful at it look to other things.

431. If you intend to quit before the end, don't start.

432. Appreciate your friends, they are there by choice.

433. Understand that what is important to others, need not always be important to you.

434. Choice can be a burden not easily put down.

435. Karate is like a book, one letter, one word, one sentence at a time.

436. Friends are the family we picked for ourselves.

437. Learn from your children.

438. Respect should never be given where it has never been earned.

439. A smile can often hide the truth.

440. Being good at anything usually involves a level of voluntary suffering.

441. If you feel pain, it is a physical confirmation that you are still living.

442. When you feel nothing, that is the time to be concerned.

443. A separation of any kind is proof of failure.

444. To fail often in life is inevitable, accept this early, and move on.

445. Never be afraid to ask a question.

446. Do not always believe the answer.

447. Show leadership, to many people are followers.

448. Show wisdom, itis in short supply.

449. Show encouragement, if you do people will strive for more.

450. Show kindness, it is often misplaced.

451. Free advice is often overpriced.

452. Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right.

453. You are precisely where you are meant to be, each second of the day.

454. Sometimes your best is simply not good enough.

455. Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes.

456. Age does not breed wisdom.

457. When ever you teach someone something, do it with passion.

458. Good teachers are hard to find.

459. Not all roads are going your way.

460. Breath.

461. The direction of your life depends on who is driving.

462. Laughter is universal.

463. Laziness is the habit of resting before you are tired.

464. It takes thirty days to build a habit.

465. It takes thirty days to break a habit.

466. Respect must be earned, you can not demand it.

467. Remember your ancestors.

468. Always teach for the love of the art.

469. Associate with good people.

470. There is more to life than having everything.

471. A weak will cannot resist temptation.

472. Learning requires effort.

473. All is related, if one part of the circle is missing nothing can happen.

474. Their history dies with person.

475. It is always hard to accept that others don't care.

476. When two emotions clash, the strongest always emotion wins.

477. You are not born with bad habits.

478. Practice humility.

479. Do not live your life based on what others deem important.

480. What you see in a mirror can be changed.

481. Spend your time wisely, don't waste it.

482. Family first.

483. Life is not a race.

484. Your kata changes with each day, some days are better than others.

485. Imperfections have a way of creeping into our everything we do, so be vigilant.

486. Doing something is only a good idea if your mind and spirit are completely involved.

487. Technique is either effective, or it is not.

488. The deepest purpose of martial arts is to serve as a vehicle for personal and spiritual development.

489. The ultimate aim of Zen is to free the individual from anger, illusion, and false passion.

490. The duty of a warrior is the preservation of peace without force.

491. We all see the world differently.

492. A lie always grows.

493. Your honour should never be for sale.

494. The worst thing you can do is over estimate yourself.

495. Lead from the front.

496. You must see the picture before you paint it.

497. How will people speak of you when you are gone.

498. What works for others may not work for you.

499. Be better than you thought you could be.

500. You can not change your fate, whatever you do, whatever happens in your life, it was meant to be.

Remember: "Not all words speak the same truth to everyone."