The Heart of Karate-Do

Thoughts and techniques from a time long past.

Sensei Shigeru Egami is perhaps a name that is not very well known to many Shotokan karate-ka. This is very unfortunate since his lifelong dedication to the art of karate-do is unquestionable.

At an early age he became a devoted student of Master Gichin Funakoshi, and a follower of the very unique style of karate that was practiced by Sensei Yoshitaka Funakoshi, the Master's third son. In addition to being the youngest member on the Executive Committee of the Shotokai, Sensei Egami also became the Chief Instructor at the Shotokan dojo, and is said to have contributed to the founding of the Japan Karate Association, (JKA).

First published in 1975 this book was originally titled, The Way of Karate; Beyond Technique. While I can offer no comment on the earlier publication, The Heart of Karate-Do, is an easy read, informative, well written, and unique in its content.

The author's prime objective in this book is two-fold. First, to bring to light why students in his day were taught to "think" and "believe" when it came to their karate. Second, to examine the many differences that exist between the "old way" defensive and offensive techniques that were taught to the early practitioners, and the way that they are taught to us today.

In this task he is successful, and the many insights that he is able to offers us about a time long past, is itself worth the trip to the book store.

Remember: "To know where we are, we must first remember where we came from".