Shotokan Karate Magazine

Far from ordinary.

Yes, I know, Shotokan Karate Magazine is not a book. But, when you take into account the incredible amount of first-hand knowledge that this magazine publishes, it might as well be.

The magazine's issues over the years have featured wonderful stories, reports on courses, and one on one interviews with some of the greatest Shotokan instructors of our time. This puts this quarterly publication head, and shoulders, above any other periodical, and many books when it comes to the subject of Shotokan Karate.

The magazine was started over 30 years ago by Editor, John Cheetham, Yon Dan. It is published in England and this magazine for me is a must have. Yes, most of the articles and interviews often lean towards clubs, courses, and instructors who reside, and teach primarily in the UK, or Europe. But, I particularly like that this magazine takes an unbiased, non-political approach that makes it a very even handed, and definitely reader friendly product, that is packed with value from cover to cover.

You can subscribe to Shotokan Karate Magazine on line at then like the rest of us you can start eagerly watching for the postman when you know that a new issue is due.

Remember: “Information is only a resource, any good that comes from it lies within it's application”.