Akamine No Nunchaku

A sign of respect.

This story was passed on to me.

Originally Akamine no nunchaku was known as, Maezato no nunchaku Dai. This kata was named by Akamine Eisuke sensei, possibly in the 1970's. It was created by combining Maezato no nunchaku with another un-named, and un-finished kata, from Taira Shinken sensei, hence Akamine sensei called it Maezato no nunchaku Dai, in honour of his teacher. (Maezato was Taira Shinken's Okinawan name). 

Around 1987 Akamine's senior students petitioned Akamine sensei to change the name of the kata Maezato no Nunchaku Dai to Akamine no nunchaku to honour their sensei and the katas creator. Amongst these students were Tamayose sensei, Kuniyoshi sensei and other students above Go Dan.

Tamayose sensei said that Akamine sensei was very reluctant to change the name from his sensei's to his own. But after some persistence from Akamine's senior students it was decided to change the name from Maezato no Nunchaku Dai to Akamine no nunchaku, which is what this kata is known as since 1987/88.

Tamayose sensei wanted to emphasize just how reluctant Akamine sensei was, and probably wouldn't have done this on his own accord, but his students thought that it was proper that this kata should be named after it's creator, and also because of Akamine Eisuke's contributions to Ryukyu Kobudo, so finally he was persuaded. How fitting it is one of our kobudo's syllabus of kata be known, and called Akamine, then, now and into the future.

I was told this story demonstrates the attitude of Tamayose sensei, and how the Tesshinkan should be. Always think of the other person first, and how your actions can affect people. Think of what you can do for others, not about "what I want". This should be the Tesshinkan way, and the way of humility.

Remember: "Keep history alive and share it so the stories live on."