Take your medicine.

One spoonful, or two?

When I was young my mother always use to give me a good dose of cod liver oil whenever she thought I was not looking good. She told me that no matter how much I disliked it, in the end taking my medicine would cure me, and make me better.

Over the years I have seen students who were struggling. Yet they continued to avoid some simple cures that would go a long way to making their karate so much better. For instance, a correct stance, proper posture, completed techniques, or better timing. Just to name a few. Simple things that if taken to heart, and applied in the appropriate measure would have made such a difference, and improved their chances for advancement. 

In the end, like many things in life, karate often comes down to three important questions.

What do you want to know?

How well do you want to know it?

And most importantly, what price are you willing to pay in order to have that knowledge?

Once students find the answers to those three questions, then it is simply a matter of taking the medicine. 

Remember: "Patience and perseverance, both are a requirement for success.