Notes I came across.

Lecture lessons, and lessons of my own.

Right consciousness is essential to right physical action.

Your kata changes with each day - some days are better than others.

Doing something is often better than doing nothing, provided that your mind, and your spirit are equally involved.

If a strong technique fights a strong body - technique wins.

If a strong technique fights a strong mind - the mind wins.

The link between all things us popper breathing.

"Now" never returns, there is no going back. Live in the now, the past is gone.

In self defense there is no choosing the right technique, reaction must be instinctive, and total in commitment.

In your karate training leave no effort unspent.

Nothing that happens to you in your life is an accident.

You have no control over your destiny - it only seems that way.

To teach others successfully is the highest skill.

In karate there are many questions,

But only two types of answers, 

The ones that someone else gives you,

And the answers you find for yourself.

You can not teach what you do not know.

You can not know what you do not practice.

You do not have to be a believer to learn something.

Not all Sempais will make good teachers.

To be a good teacher you must first have been a good student.

Knowing the moves of the kata are not enough.

You must teach in a manner that the student will understand.

So it is not what you teach, but how you teach it that is important.

Waza wah kokoro ni ozu - the proof of you dedication is found in your technique.

All trial and error lead to knowledge.

Any place can be a dojo.

Always train as if it is your last day in the dojo.

Remember: "Words are inert, only we can enact their sentiments".