Masters of their art

Listen to the words.

I picked up a really great book the other day.

It is written by a fellow martial artist named James Sidney, who is a 4th Dan, in Chito Ryu under Masami Tsuruoka, 9th Dan, and co-Founder of Canada's National Karate Association. The book is entitled, "The Warrior's Path, Wisdom from Contemporary Martial Arts Masters". This book contains the words and thoughts of fifteen different Masters, who between them represent a variety of martial art disciplines.

One of the things that I found the most interesting, amongst many facets of the book, was the common theme that seemed to run through the words of all of the Masters. Especially when it came to talking about their personal beliefs and the obvious love they have for their chosen art.

I will not spoil the story by going into specific details, suffice to say, buy the book. I for one, got a great deal of information out of this book. Not only from what I read, but more importantly from what I felt I "heard" in the words that were spoken by the Master's themselves. 

While I suspect that experienced instructors and very senior students will probably derive the most from this book, due in part to their years of training, nevertheless, all of the comments made by the various Master's should really be heard by all generations of martial artists. Their thoughts and comments truly transcend the barriers of age and style.

 Remember: “Knowledge comes from many places, but only to those who seek it”.