How close to the door are you?

Get as far away from the door as you can.

We all enter the dojo through the same door. 

There is one way in, and one way out. 

When we are in the dojo we have only two choices.

Forward, or backwards.

Forward is training on a regular basis, with a positive attitude, and a willingness to work hard.

While backwards is an irregular training schedule, a poor attitude, and no desire to work hard.

To a forward moving student two things will happen. Their karate will continue to improve, and in time they will rise in rank. More importantly they will move further away from the dojo door.

While a backwards moving student will see no improvement in their karate, and they will remain at their present rank. Unfortunately they will move much closer to the dojo door.

That door has a heavy pull on those who are going backwards. Constantly calling to them to quit, and walk thru in search of something else to do with their time.

Always move forward.

Get as far away as you can from the door.

Be deaf to it's call.

The rewards for doing so lays ahead of you, even if you can not see them yet those rewards exist.

So train often, and train hard.

I wish you good training.

Remember: "Once a door closes behind you, it is often hard to go back."