The last word.

Where I finish.. 

At the end of each article that I write is a phrase entitled - "Remember".

This phrase is intended to leave you the reader with one final thought as it related to that particular article.

To date these are all of them, they are in no particular order. 


"Kobudo is for a lifetime, it is not a race, and your personal progress should never be treated as such."

"So much to learn, so little time, use it wisely."

"If you want to be successful at anything, you must first be fully committed to the entire journey - regardless of how long it takes."

"If you always have the curiosity of a beginner, you will never stop learning."

"In life everything depends on your point of view, and the view always depends on where you stand."

"When someone is willing to share their knowledge with you, wait until the lesson is over before you claim to know it all.”

"Never act on emotion alone."

"Once a door closes behind you, it is often hard to go back."

"If you carry an unnecessary burden put it down, your journey through life will be much easier without it."

"In life it is a fundamental mistake to make any important decision until you have all of the pertinent facts."

"In life things are not always as they seem. Knowing how to separate fact from fiction can often be the difference between success and failure."

"To know where we are, we must first remember where we came from."

"If you record your journey, you will never forget where you have been."

"Today we can not speak to past Masters. They however, can speak to us, but only if we look closely, and read carefully enough."

"The difference between success and failure can often be measured in the blink of an eye."

"An answer to any question can always be found, the hard part is finding the answer you wanted."

"Quality is easily promised, but it is often seldom delivered."

"The thought of others have value, to see it you must first open your eyes."

"Anytime that you are training at the dojo, others around the world are training too. You are never alone."

"Information is only a resource, any good that comes from it lies within it's application."

"Knowledge is all around you. Look for it, select what you need and then make the most of it."

"Knowledge comes from many places, but only to those who seek it."

"Never judge a book by it's cover, it is the content that matters most."

"Knowledge is worthless unless it is passed on."

"Spirit is more important than technique."

"Kindness, and consideration of others, are also martial virtues."

"A foundation is only as strong as the person who built it."

"In the dojo, as in life, there are no guarantees."

"The foundation of anything only has value if it is true."

"An open mind always learns more than a closed one."

"Mental quality before physical quality, or no quality at all."

"There is no end to karate training. There is always a higher level."

"Learning the pattern of all twenty-six katas found in the Shotokan system is one thing. Truly understanding them, however, is a process that will take you an entire lifetime."

"Picking the right path to walk is one thing, staying the course however, is often for the few."

"How we think about what we know, often determines how we use it."

"It is far better to do a few katas very well, than a great many katas very badly. Train with patience."

"Understanding visually what, and why, will make your karate deeper."

"Karate-Do is not a race, therefore your personal progress should never be treated as such."

"How you do something is just as important as why you do it."

"In the dojo actions always speak louder than words."

"Words that seem echo a Dojo Kun."

"Not all words speak the same truth to everyone."

"Rules are the center line of the road we choose to follow."

"Patience and perseverance, both are a requirement for success."

"Without the body, mind, and spirit working in harmony, kata is an empty hollow thing indeed."

"To pass on what you learn to those who will follow you, you must first learn it correctly."

"Understanding what you think you know is the hardest part of learning."

"Regardless of when you say the dojo kun, or in what language you speak it, say it with pride, and say it like you mean it."

"In order to start where you left off, you must first get back to where you use to be."

"To succeed at anything, you must remain focused until the end."

"Greatness was never their ultimate goal. We thrust it upon them to honour their dedication."

"The mind also requires a regular workout in order to stay fit."

"Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it."

"What you see on the surface, is often not all there is to see."

"What you carry with you, says a lot to people about who you really are."

"Just because you can not see something, that does not prove that it does not exist."

"Never judge anything only by it's appearance."

"In order to do a kata well, you must first take your head off of your shoulders and put it on a shelf." 

"Wisdom is a product of the past, not the future."

"The object of any karate lesson must always be to develop the character of the individual, not to try and re-create the teacher."

"The truth of your effort is always visible in the outcome."

 "Only those who have walked this road truly know the price they paid."

"Leaving is easy, while staying says a lot about who you are."

"Some things are not meant to be understood in your lifetime."

"Old ways, new ways, if they move you forward make use of them all."

"Honestly knowing where you stand at any given time, is one of the keys to moving forward in the right direction."

"All things are the total sum of the effort that went into them."

"You never truly know what you have got until it's gone."

"To bow well physically, you must first bow well in your mind."

"What we know today, we owe to those who came before us."

"In classical karate, home is always wherever you finish."

"The great virtues of karate are prudence and humility."

"Your crest is more than just an image, it says, this is my karate family."

"Your belt is a visual symbol of your past effort and dedication, so always wear it with pride."

"What you learn, and when you learn it, are equally important."

"To learn is a privilege, to pass on what you have learnt is your responsibility."

"When leadership changes so do other things, yet similarity remains."

"Your today only exists because of the yesterdays that you never knew, so always honour the past."

"There is no right way. All ways matter."

"What is said, and how it is said, often determines who hears the words."

"What we take in makes us who we are, so chose wisely."

"What you carry with you, says a lot to people about who you really are."

"Above all else, seek perfection of character."

"It's not how long you have been training that counts, but how honestly."

"Those who are still training know the answer." 

"Follow in the footsteps of great teachers."

"There are no wrong answers, only different ones, like it or not."

"It is not where you start that matters. It is how far you go."

"Change is the beginning of something new, so embrace it, and see where it leads you."

"New things will often lead you to places you never thought to go."

"Good teachers are often well down the path we too seek to walk." 

"Life seldom offers us a second chance."

"Not everything needs updating."

"New lessons learnt, will in time become old friends."

"Words are inert, only we can enact their sentiments."

"Without him the path that we follow today would not exist."

"This is the history of the path we follow today".

"Everyone's journey is their own, walk in your own footsteps".

"Some myths never survive the light of day".

"Keep history alive and share it so the stories live on."

"No matter what style we practice, we all walk the same road"