A little bit of everything.

Stay on the path.

It is normal for people to disgree.

For example: What is the best wine?

Where is the best place to eat?

What is the best movie in the last ten years? 

Now while you and I may choose to disagree on any number of things, as martial artist I hope that we can at least agree on one thing. That Shotokan Karate-Do, or for that matter any other style of karate, is an art form worth practicing, preserving, and passing it on correctly to as many people as we can.

To that end I have posted on my web site a wide variety of articles containing some of my thoughts, comments, and personal experiences. All of which I hope will be of some benefit to those on their journey down the karate do road.  So train hard, train often, and above all remain loyal to your sensei, and true to the teachings of your chosen style.

Remember: "To pass on what you learn to those who will follow you, you must first learn it correctly."