Shotokan Karate

"Each day in the dojo teaches you something new about what you thought you already knew. One lifetime is simply not enough."

Peter Lindsay


Tesshinkan Kobudo

"The art of Okinawan Kobudo can extend the reach of the practitioner. So even those without great strength can become formidable."

Peter Lindsay


Gichin Funakoshi

"The Master is a great teacher, but only if we listen. At the very least we must try to hear his words. So learn all you can, and pass it on, so that others can do the same."

Peter Lindsay


"Dedicated to the preservation of the classical martial virtues of Japanese Budo and Bujutsu."

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai | International Division (

Victoria Shotokan Karate & Kobudo Association

Welcome to my web site.

It is dedicated to the art of Shotokan Karate-do (45 years), and the Ryu Kyu Kobudo Tesshinkan (22 years).

Long ago I learnt that there is no "one way" of teaching even amongst the most senior senseis in the world. So it is only natural therefore that my ideas, opinions, and teaching methods, may differ from yours. The articles here are comprised primarily of my own personal thoughts, and points of view. They cover a wide variety of subjects including karate, kobudo, history, etiquette, kihon, kata, and bunkai.

Where I have included stories, articles, art works, or the thoughts, and comments of others; I have made every effort to give credit where credit is due. The title photograph is of my grandson, a Shodan, on the beach at Cox Bay, near Tofino, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

Thank you for visiting. I wish you success, and longevity, in your chosen martial art.

Remember: "Always train as if it is your last day in the dojo. One day it will be".

Part the clouds - seek the way.

“The objective of both karate-do, and kobudo, is to contribute to the

evolution of the human spirit through physical, and mental training.”

Peter Lindsay