The end of an era
I never met the man.
But I knew his name, and I knew his reputation as a Master of Shotokan Karate.
This wonderful book, entitled "Keinosuke Enoeda - The Tiger of Shotokan Karate", is not only a well written historical overview that traces the development of Shotokan Karate in England over the past forty years, it is also a very heart felt tribute to one of the greatest practitioners the art of Shotokan Karate has ever known.
From his early karate days at university in Japan, to relaxing with friends on the links of the famed St. Andrew's Golf Club in Scotland, this book offers the reader an series of insightful glimpse into what it was like training, and relaxing, with a man who dedicated his life to a single goal, teaching Shotokan Karate.
Written by a fellow martial artist, Rod Butler who was himself graded to 4th Dan by Sensei Enoeda, this book is a must read for any Shotokan practioner. So add it to your collection, read it more than once, and in doing so help celebrate the life of an irreplaceable icon, a valued and respected teacher, a good friend, a loyal husband, and beloved father.
While those senior students with a few years of experience under their belt might better appreciate some of the subtle comments regarding what it was like training under Enoeda sensei both in the dojo and on courses, this book should never the less still appeal to any Shotokan karateka.
The book can be ordered on line at and would make an excellent gift at any time of the year.
Knowledge comes from many places,
but only to those who seek it.
Part the clouds - see the way.
"The objective of karate-do is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."
Sensei Peter Lindsay