The importance of communication
One day while walking through the forest four travellers met a dog that proceeded to follow them on their journey.
When they stopped for a meal under a large tree the dog sat down beside them and waited patiently. Seeing that the dog was also in need of a meal they all took pity on the poor animal and generously shared their food with their new travelling companion.
Later that same day they came to a fork in the road, the dog barking his thanks choose the left fork knowing this was the shortest route to his village, while the four travellers being unfamiliar with area took the path to the right which also went to the same village.
Arriving late in the evening the travellers quickly sought shelter and retired for the night. The following day while eating their morning meal they spoke with several of the men in the village and in doing so they talked of their happy experience with the dog. Upon hearing their story one of the men spoke out and said that the very same dog had arrived home yesterday afternoon but had then died suddenly and unexpectedly during the night.
The travellers were greatly saddened by this news and upon reflection they remembered that they had each shared a portion of their meal with the dog. Suddenly the four travellers started to feel very sick and fearing a similar fate they quickly decided to throw away the rest of their food, and having done so they quickly left the village.
For several days they wandered without anything to eat until finally they came upon another village where they were offered a hot meal, and they once again spoke of their encounter with the dog and his subsequent death.
The villagers who sat and ate with them told the four travellers that many in their village had also known the dog well, and that they were all equally saddened when they too had learnt that the dog had been killed by a car.
In life it is a fundamental mistake,
to make any important decision,
until you have all of the pertinent facts.
Part the clouds - see the way
"The objective of karate is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."