Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, 9th Dan, (FSKA)
Chief Instructor, Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association
All smiles
Seen here after the first mornings training session is Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, 9th Dan, Chief Instructor, FSKA, who is flanked on the left by Sensei Dan Holland (Ni Dan) and on the right by Sensei Peter Lindsay (Yon Dan).
Making sempai work
After a morning run and a good warm up Shihan Funakoshi, got right down to basics. Here Shihan is demonstrating the proper use of hip rotation to generate power for a chudan gyaku zuki (middle level reverse punch) with the help of Sempai Curtis Lindsay (Ni Dan).
Putting his own belt to good use Shihan Funakoshi applies just the right amount of resistance to make Sempai Curtis use his hips and his legs - but not his shoulder or elbow - to create the power in his technique, while at the same time making sure the gyaku zuki (middle level reverse punch) remains level.
Punching drills
Taking to the floor the students enthusiastically go about practicing their reverse punches. Seen here are Sue Stephen, Christina Dixon, Cathy Quinn, Barry Norman, and on the right with her back to the camera, Heidi Smith. All of these students recently passed their Shodan grading and were to officially receive their black belts and the rank of Sho Dan at tomorrow nights gala black tie banquet.
Learning to root
While applying downward force in kiba dachi the students are tested on their ability to stay rooted. Seen here are Sempai Kim Eden (Sho Dan) who is doing all the work, and her alter ego, Sempai Franca Lim (Sho Dan) who is doing the lifting. To their left is Sensei Dan Holland (Ni Dan) who is about to be lifted, or not, by Sempai Don Nielson (Ni Dan). Pictured on the left is Cathy Quinn and Barry Norman, who are convinced that these two are having way to much fun.
Where are we going
Sensei Kieran Baldwin (Yon Dan) lifts Sempai Jim Clark (Sho Dan) right out of his stance, tickling his partner as a means of breaking their focus seems to work Sensei Baldwin.
A lesson in the finer points of the kata Jion
Here Shihan Funakoshi has everyone's attention as he goes into great detail about shifting, balance and kime. Shihan not only demonstrated how the movements in this kata should be done, and when - but he also explained how to avoid making many of the more common mistakes that students often make when practicing this kata.
The Motivator
Shihan Funakoshi gets me and everyone else to work up a good sweat with a unique kicking drill.
The Master and the young guns
Seen here with Shihan Funakoshi at the end of a great days training are, on the left Sempai Derek Lowe (Sho Dan) and on the right Sempai Curtis Lindsay (Ni Dan). Both of these students will be competing in the 13th Annual Funakoshi Shotokan International Karate Championship in California this October.
Shodan Certificates
The first order of business at the black belt awards banquet was the presentation of Shodan certificates to last years black belt graduates. Seen here accepting her rank from Sensei Peter Lindsay is Sempai Vicki Aune (Sho Dan) who had the added pleasure of watching her daughter Michelle Aune receive her black belt this year.
At long Last
With a lot of emotion and applause the black belts were awarded. Seen here with smiles all around are, from left to right, Sempai Christina Dixon (Sho Dan), Sempai Barry Norman (Sho Dan), and Sempai Bill Camden (Sho Dan).
Sempai Cathy Quinn (Sho Dan) her smile says it all - while to the left her son Dan Quinn (Sho Dan) checks his black belt to make sure it is real.
Good friends
On the left Sensei Peter Lindsay and Sempai Barry Norman - on the right Sempai Marilyn and Sempai Barry
It is over now a new beginning
Sempai Cathy Quinn and Sensei Peter Lindsay share a moment and make another memory.
The effort pays off
Sempai Michelle Aune (Sho Dan) proudly shows off her new black belt and is congratulated in turn by Sensei Lindsay's daughter Teresa and then by Sensei Lindsay.
Father and son
Sempai Curtis Lindsay (Ni Dan) celebrates his new rank with his father Sensei Peter Lindsay (Yon Dan). Well another year has come and gone - and as always after the black belts are awarded many of the senior kyu belts immediately start talking about "being up there next year".
In the end only time will tell.
Part the clouds - see the way.
"The objective of karate-do is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."
Sensei Peter Lindsay