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Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, 9th Dan, (FSKA)
Chief Instructor, Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association
A class with the Master
It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Shihan Funakoshi and his son Sensei Kyle Funakoshi back to Victoria for a Summer training camp that was in the end, described by all the senior black belts, as the best summer camp they have ever attended. As a world renowned master of Shotokan Karate, Shihan Funakoshi is in great demand, and we are truly greatful to him for his time and his knowledge.
First a lesson in basics
After a brisk warm up we started off with the basics. Here Shihan Funakoshi uses Sensei Kyle to demonstrate his points which included what to do, as well as what not to do, when attempting to block a front kick.
Sensei Kyle
A first rate technician, and truly talented teacher Sensei Kyle, 6th Dan, always led by example, and he kept all of those in attendance inspired, and extremely well motivated throughout the entire camp.
Working the legs
Ready to move across the floor in another one of Shihan Funakoshi's fast paced kicking drills are from front to back : Sempai Curtis Lindsay, Ni Dan, Sempai Marilyn Norman, Sho Dan, and Sensei Dan Holland, Ni Dan.
Working the boss
Dojo owner Donna Gray pays close attention to what Shihan Funakoshi is demonstrating before once again moving up the floor. All of the students in attendance regardless of their rank came away with new skills and great memories.
Best describes Sempai Katharine Kaye, Sho Dan, as she prepares to lead the group in a series of combinations. A dedicated student she sets and excellent example for students of all ages.
Seeing the finer points
Sempai Marilyn Norman, Sho Dan, looks on as Sensei Kyle demonstrates a wide variety of different bunkai from the kata Heian Nidan with the help of Sempai Curtis Lindsay, Ni Dan, and other senior students. Timing, distance, posture, and balance were just a few of the points Sensei Kyle covered during this portion of the weekend.
A strong finish is always best
With his part in the demonstration complete Sempai Barry Norman, Sho Dan, and a group of senior students look on as Sensei Kyle and Sempai Curtis complete the last move of the kata. Sensei Kyle is an excellent teacher and he made sure that everyone in the group left with a clear understanding of what it takes to do any kata well.
Shihan Funakoshi teaches hands on
Sempai Katharine Kaye, Sho Dan, along with Sempai Barry Norman, Sho Dan, and Sempai Curtis Lindsay, Ni Dan, get an up close and personal look at Shihan Funakoshi's technique as he demonstrates the finer aspects of kata bunkai.
The proper use of hips
Shihan Funakoshi makes a point of showing Sempai Katharine Kaye and Sempai Curtis just how it should be done, and why, in a one on one session. A true master of the art of Shotokan karate Shihan Funakoshi always made a point of clarifying each aspect of the kata's bunkai leaving no doubt as to which way was best.
Applying the lesson
Sensei Dan Holland, Ni Dan, gets a chance to she his wife in action as he and Sempai Diane Holland, Sho Dan, partner up to practice the finer points of Heian Nidan. Sempai Diane shows excellent form as witnessed by Donna Gray and another student.
Paying close attention to details
Whenever Shihan Funakoshi and Sensei Kyle put on a demonstration or took the time to stress a specific technique or application they always had the undivided attention of everyone in attendance. Later on Shihan Funakoshi took specific questions on kata from each of the black belts making sure that his explanations were clearly understood by everyone regardless of rank.
A great role model
During a quiet moment Sensei Kyle reviewed the importance of good basics and proper stance with some of the kyu belts. His kind manner and his willingness to share his knowledge made a great impression on everyone he met.
Special attention
Shihan Funakoshi casts a watchful eye over Sensei Dan Holland's stance and form during one of the many kicking drills we did each of which emphasized the importance of proper balance and posture.
Ready to go again
Sensei Kieran Baldwin, Yon Dan, prepares to make another trip up the floor in an interesting and fast paced sparring drill. As an excellent teacher of kumite I am sure this part of the weekend was a high point for Sensei.
At the end of it all
From left to right : dojo owner, Donna Gray, 6th kyu, Sensei Peter Lindsay, Yon Dan, Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, Ku Dan, Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, Roku Dan, Sensei Kieran Baldwin, Yon Dan, and Sensei Dan Holland, Ni Dan.
Group photo
By the end of the camp despite their sore muscles the senior black belts were all smiles, everyone agreed that this was by far the best camp they had ever attended. From left to right : Sempai Brian Kenny, Sempai Barry Norman, Sensei Peter Lindsay, Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, Sempai Marilyn Norman, Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, Sempai Christina Dixon, Sempai, Sue Stephens, Sempai Cathy Quinn, Sempai Haili and Sempai Katharine Kaye.
On behalf of dojo owner Donna Gray, the instructors, and all of the students at Westshore Karate Inc. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Shihan Funakoshi, and to his son Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, for their tremendous support. Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, 9th Dan, is pictured here with dojo instructors Sensei Peter Lindsay, Yon Dan, Sensei Kieran Baldwin, Yon Dan, and Sensei Dan Holland, Ni Dan.
Part the clouds - see the way.
"The objective of karate-do is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."
Sensei Peter Lindsay