JULY 7th & 8th 2000
This year's group is affectionately known as
"The Y2K Bugs"
The comments contained in red are words from the poem
that can be found on this site entitled
"A Black Belt Grading"
"to test their bodies and their minds for hours they must drill"
Barry Norman doing Bassai Dai - no one works harder.
"knowing that the sweat that flows is governed by their will"
Bill Camden doing Bassai Dai - powerful and strong a tribute to his dedication.
"success is what their training breeds - it is written in their creed"
Tim Trytten, Cathy Quinn, and Dan Quinn in kiba dachi
"and memories of classes past are dreams on which they feed"
Susan Stephen good kime and posture while doing Empi.
"for Shotokan is what they do karate is their art"
Christina Dixon, Susan Stephen, Barry Norman and Cathy Quinn - a hard earned rest.
"the seconds tick, the minutes pass, the hours seem like years"
Seniors doing bunkai demonstration for Bassai Dai - film crew to the right.
"could those who watched appreciate their hope - their pride - their fears"
Cathy Quinn doing Bassai Dai.
Christina Dixon a blur while doing a kiai in Empi.
"kata next - mo ichi do as if they're in a trance"
Michelle Aune on the move in Heian Godan - proof that a winner never quits.
"the rank and title that they seek they claim through years of strife"
Tim Trytten focused at the start of Bassai Dai.
"some glance at those they struggle with benneth this summer's sun"
My son Sempai Curtis doing Bassai Sho for his Nidan grading.
"the lessons that their sensei taught are planted in their heart"
Sempai Curtis breaking boards - two down - one to go.
"he asked - they gave - a fair exchange, he is a master of this cast"
Sempai Curtis and his partner Sempai Derek Lowe during their self defense routine.
"the test would last just hours though their training spanned the years"
Happy graduates celebrate with their mascot.
"more than friend they're bonded now for all their earthly life"
All wet and still smiling
Me and a wonderful group of friends at the end of a memory.
"now age may dull their memory - their youth God will take back,
but forever they are Sempai's now who've earned their belt of black"
Sue and Cathy through the tunnel and into the light
"the look it says without your help, I never could have won"
At the end of the grading Barry's gi says it all - thank heaven it's over
"and when their gradings over a sweet silence fills the air
four mute walls a testement to what they had to bear,
the lights are off the door is locked to open once again
when others seek to follow them and walk this road of pain"
Part the clouds - see the way.
"The objective of karate-do is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."
Sensei Peter Lindsay