JUNE 20, 2003
Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, 6th Dan, (FSKA)
assisted by
Sempai Jennifer Arbarquez, 2nd Dan, (FSKA)
The Ni Dan Grading
On June 20th of this year, prior to the start of the annual summer camp, our dojo held a grading for two of our senior students.
Sempai Cathy Quinn and Sempai Barry Norman, both of whom have held the rank of Shodan (1st Dan) for the past three years, were now seeking to take the next step in their journey.
In front of their peers, family, friends, and a grading panel headed up by our special guest instructor Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, Roku Dan, (6th Dan), FSKA, and his assistant, Sempai Jenifer Arbarquez, Ni Dan, (2nd Dan) these dedicated students, both of whom are members of the dojos Instructors Program, graded for the rank of Ni Dan (2nd Dan).
The photos here show but a small part of their journey and the summer camp that followed.
Standing Basics
The grading got under way with Sensei Baldwin putting the two candidates, seen here in the front row, as well as the other senior black belt members of the dojo who were there to support them, such as Sempai Bill Camden (Sho Dan), through a series of basics drills to help get them warmed up for what was to come.
Moving Basics
Up and down the dojo they went until their sweat ran freely and their legs felt like lead. With determined looks and strong spirits they kept their focus and concentration even when Sensei Baldwin asked each row to do different techniques.
The Support of Others
Sempai Bill Camden (Sho Dan) and Sempai Christine Dixon (Sho Dan) seen here in the second row were just a few of the seniors students who helped to send Cathy and Barry on their way by creating a room full of positive energy.
Kata Bunkai
Each of the students grading had to do a bunkai for each of the katas that they had to perform during their grading. For the rank of Nidan the kata's required at our dojo are: Kanku Sho, Bassai Sho, Chinte, Tekki Sandan, and Jitte. Here Sempai Cathy is seen doing a bunkai for Kanku Sho assisted from left to right by Sempai Marilyn Norman (Ni Dan), Sempai Katharine Kaye (Ni Dan), Sempai Sarah Bailey (Sho Dan) and Sempai Amy Barnes (Sho Dan).
Tekki Nidan
Sempai Barry is seen here performing a bunkai for the kata Tekki Nidan with the assistance of Sempai Katharine Kaye, Ni Dan, and Sempai Amy Barnes, Sho Dan, while Sempai Cathy Quinn watches along with Sempai Sarah Bailey, Sho Dan.
Sempai in Motion
Sempai Cathy is seen here caught in motion as she performs one of her favorite kata - Jitte. A strong and self motivated individual Cathy gave an excellent performance despite having to cope with two knees that were less than co-operative due to recent injuries.
Air Miles
Knowing what is coming is not always a good thing. From many hours of practice Sempai Barry knows that he is once again about to be on the receiving end of a very fast hip throw and he often mentions that by training with Cathy he has more "air miles" than most people he knows. Well matched as partners they two always put on a demonstration filled with energy and good karate.
Seeking the Advantage
Caution was the name of the game during the sparring portion of their examination. Both students were egar to win but not to the point of making the first mistake. Since they are familar with each others favourite moves victory would go to the most creative person.
Partner Training
The following morning after a brisk warm, camp started off with a wide variety of kicking drills, inside, outside, forwards, backwards, you name it we did it. Due to a full dojo and a wide range of ages the students were divided into goups so that both the kids and the adults alike could get the kind of instuction that was best suited to each group.
Sempai Jennifer in Action
Extremely flexible Sempai Jennifer demonstrated a wide range of kicking techniques which left many of the less flexible among us extremely envious. Here Uwe Bartly makes every effort to follow her example as Sempai Pierre looks on.
Lunch in the Sun
With the temperature hovering aound 26c most student took advantage of the weather and headed out doors for a much needed break during the lunch hour. The question though is whether Uwe is just resting, watching the action, or simply taking the time to get in a few more crunches?
Bassai Dai
After a full morning of basics and kicking drills and a short break for lunch we moved on to kata. Here Sempai Katharine Kaye, Ni Dan, watches closely as Sensei Kyle Funakoshi goes over the finer points of the kata Bassai Dai.
Senior Class Photo
After three days full of energy, hard work and a tremendous amount of knowledge the senior members of this years summer camp pose for photographs with Sensei Kyle and Sempai Jennifer. In addition to already looking ahead to next years camp many of these students will be heading to the United States to compete at the 5th Annual Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association World Championships which will once again be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year the dates are November 22 - 23, 2003.
The Head Table
Sempai Donna Gray, Sensei Peter Lindsay, Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, and Sensei Kieran Baldwin look on from the head table as this years graduating class put on a demonstration of kihon, kata , and kobudo for those in attendance at this years banquet.
Promotion certificates
At the awards banquet this year in addition to promoting Sempai Barry Norman and Sempai Cathy Quinn to the rank of Ni Dan, fellow students, family members, and invited quests watched as last years graduates received their Certificates of Rank. Sempai Gordon Green, (Sho Dan) is seen here during his acceptance while Sempai Sarah Bailey (Sho Dan), and Sempai Pierre St. Onge (Sho Dan) and Sempai Alaine Reimer (Sho Dan), wait their turn.
Well Earned
Sempai Sarah Bailey, the youngest Sho Dan in our dojo to date, receives her certificate. A dedicated student and a regular at adult class for many years Sempai Sarah sets an excellent example for both adults and children alike to follow.
Certificate of Rank
Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, 6th Dan, is seen here presenting Sempai Barry Norman with his Ni Dan certificate which was issued by our Chief Instructor, Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, 9th Dan, of the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association. Sempai Barry and Sempai Cathy's are very proud indeed to be the recipients of the first Ni Dan certificates ever issued in Canada by Shihan Funakoshi.
Received with pride
After receiving her certificate of rank, Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, 6th Dan, is seen here presenting Sempai Cathy with her new belt signifying her new rank within the dojo.
Promoted to Ni Dan
At the end of the banquet two good friends very pleased with the result of their examination accepted the congratulations of their peers. Speaking to those in attendance Sensei Kyle Funakoshi expressed his appreciation for all of the hard work and effort that Sempai Cathy and Sempai Barry put into their months of training as well as into the grading its self.
Truly dedicated to the art of Shotokan Karate these two students play a major role in assisting with the development of all those in the dojo who dream of one day following a similar path. I am indeed extremely pleased to call them students, as well as good friends.
Two in the family
Sempai Barry, now a Ni Dan, is all smiles as his is congratulated by his wife Marilyn who was promoted to Ni Dan last year. Both of these students are strong leaders within the dojo and they always set an excellent example for other students to follow.
Thank you Sensei Kyle and Sempai Jennifer
Our special guests, Sensei Kyle Funakoshi and Sempai Jennifer Arbarquez, pose with the instructors at the end of another great summer camp, on the left Sempai Donna Gray (Sho Dan), Sempai Jennifer Arbarquez (Ni Dan), Sensei Kyle Funakoshi (Roku Dan), Sensei Kieran Baldwin (Yon Dan), and Sensei Peter Lindsay (Yon Dan).
All of the instructors and students congratulate the graduating class of 2003 !!
Part the clouds - see the way.
"The objective of karate-do is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."
Sensei Peter Lindsay